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i drawn one line in SVG using "path" tag and then i drawn circle on the same x value of line but the circle is behind the line. i want the circle element in front of line. how to set z-order or z-index to particular group or element in svg to display the element in front.

i tried z-Index attribute to circle but its not working .

<circle  .... z-Index=1000>




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You'll need to change the order of the elements in the SVG content. (Link includes example code.) –  poolie May 2 '13 at 5:45

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SVG elements do not have a z-index that you can adjust. Their layering order is dependent on what order you draw them in the HTML. Moving an SVG object to the top, for example, is a matter of removing it from the DOM and appending it to the object's parent. Since it is the most recently drawn SVG object, it will therefore be shown on top.

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