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in jquery 1.9 (and beyond), how do I get the name of the selector that matched an element from inside an each?

    // want to know if this element matched because of the id, class, or data element, etc
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You could do it like this...

var selectors = ["[data='load-something']",

$(selectors.join(",")).each(function() {

   var element = $(this);

   if (element.is(selectors[0]) {
       // ...and so forth.


It's kind of messy, so if you can do it more elegantly, please do.

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You are missing something in selectors initialization ["[data='load-something']", ".do-something", "aside", "#something-else"]; . Apart from that awsome answer –  alkis May 2 '13 at 6:33
@alkis You're right, whoops. Will fix that. –  alex May 2 '13 at 6:40


$(el).attr("data") //="load-something"
$(el).attr("class") //="do-something"
$(el).prop("tagName") //="aside"
$(el).attr("id"); //="something-else"
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Try this:

        //called via data
    else if($(this).hasClass()=='do-something')
        //called via class
    else if($(this).prop('tagName')=='aside' || $(this).prop('tagName')=='ASIDE')
        //called via aside
        //called via id
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