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I am fully aware that there are many debates(and solutions) out there in terms of downloading files in javascript/jQuery, such as iFrame, jQueryPlugin. However, I am more interested in a kind of built-in facilities like download attribute of <a> in HTML5. The problem is that it supports a couple of browsers:

enter image description here

That is how I want to download files, without creating frames or using any plugins. The questions is are there any other cross browser built-in(say, easier or cleaner) ways to do it?

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 19+
  • Chrome 17+
  • Safari 5.1.9+
  • Opera 12.1
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It is no server part, it is just client part. Question don't possible dublicate – mr.boyfox May 2 '13 at 7:46

There is Downloadify, which generates and force downloads files with Flash. There's also a demo available.

Or you could download the file using XHttpRequest ($.get in jQuery) and use data URIs.

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