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I have json response in the below format.

"[{\\\"JobID\\\":\\\"1\\\",\\\"BillGenerationDate\\\":\\\"4/29/2013 2:53:34 PM\\\",\\\"BillID\\\":\\\"115743\\\",\\\"BillNo\\\":\\\"115743\\\",\\\"CustomerID\\\":\\\"4041705\\\",\\\"PayStatus\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"PaymentRequiredStatus\\\":\\\"True\\\",\\\"ProductName\\\":\\\"Epic FBO test\\\",\\\"Description\\\":\\\"Epic Automation 2\\\\r\\\\n\\\",\\\"ProductType\\\":\\\"eBill \\\",\\\"DueType\\\":\\\"-1\\\",\\\"DueDate\\\":\\\"2013-03-15\\\",\\\"Amount\\\":\\\"63.70\\\",\\\"Cost\\\":\\\"\\\"},
{\\\"JobID\\\":\\\"9\\\",\\\"BillGenerationDate\\\":\\\"5/2/2013 10:21:39 AM\\\",\\\"BillID\\\":\\\"115743\\\",\\\"BillNo\\\":\\\"115743\\\",\\\"CustomerID\\\":\\\"4041705\\\",\\\"PayStatus\\\":\\\"0\\\",\\\"PaymentRequiredStatus\\\":\\\"True\\\",\\\"ProductName\\\":\\\"FBO Test Product\\\",\\\"Description\\\":\\\"FBO Product Test\\\",\\\"ProductType\\\":\\\"eBill \\\",\\\"DueType\\\":\\\"-1\\\",\\\"DueDate\\\":\\\"2013-05-01\\\",\\\"Amount\\\":\\\"150.70\\\",\\\"Cost\\\":\\\"\\\"}]

I believe json.net handles the escape characters and I used the below code to deserialize it to a dictionary collection.

var billList = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<Dictionary<string, string>>>(contentCorrected);

But this json parsing throws exception "Invalid property identifier character: . Path '[0]', line 1, position 2." Could we solve this by manipulating the json response string?

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2 Answers

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try contentCorrected = contentCorrected.Replace(@"\", "");before deserialization process.

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Thanks Bijoy.... Its working..... Thanks –  Sharon C Lawrence May 2 '13 at 9:41
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  1. Remove all the "\" character before you deserialize it. Use replace function.

    yourJsonString.Replace("\\\\\", "");

  2. Your Json string is incomplete or doesnot seems to be of type List<Dictionary<string, string>>". Correct the type you want the json to be converted. I modified your json a little as follows and it worked.

    newJson = "{ \"array\":" + yourJsonString + "}"

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