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For the release of my OSX - Application I changed the name from a working title to the final title. I changed the project name with file inspector.

The Project now contains several Periods (.) in its title.

Following files changed: - contents-xcworkspacedata - user.xcuserdatad - (Application name)-info.plist - project.pbxproj - (Application name).xcsheme

and now I get this error during archive validation:

Archive Validation Error: Your Application Bundle must install to /Applications

I reviewed my project target and the target directory is correct: enter image description here

I also have a static-library as sub-project(target) in my workspace. But there the deployment is set to "Skip install"

How can I correct this problem?


I forgot to mention that I had to hardcode the Bundle Identifier to avoid a renaming.

The application directory is set with the variable $(LOCAL_APPS_DIR)

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Removing the punctuation in the app-name solved the problem. It seems the validation process is using a regular expression like .*.app. And filenames with several "." cannot be matched.

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