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I have messages collection.
Each message has an userId.
I also defined displayUsername() function, that gets the id of user, and returns fullName.

My question is can I extend it with underscorejs on the server. or what is pratical way to extend an Object

messages = new Meteor.Collection("messages");

Meteor.publish("messages", function () {
  var allMessages = messages.find({}).fetch();
  return _.each(allMessages, function (msg) {
    return _.extend(msg, {
      username: displayName(msg.userId)

so I want

{{#each messages}}
  <p><strong>{{username}}:</strong> {{messageBody}}</p>

I know, that it is possible on the client side, but I am going to use it some more time...


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check transform on Collection.find


chris has a video tut talk about "Transforming Collection Documents"

The transform option on Meteor Collections allows us to transform MongoDB documents before they're returned in a fetch, findOne or find call, and before they are passed to observer callbacks. It lays the foundation for a Model layer. In this episode I'll build a simple transform class that has a formatPrice method for a price that is stored as cents in the database.


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Unfortunately you can't send down a transformed collection. But you can transform it on the client side.

e.g when you define your collection on the client:

client side js

var messages = new Meteor.Collection("messages", {transform:function(doc) {
    doc.username = displayName(doc.userId);
    return doc;
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