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I have a problem with a variable input id that needs to be created. The current form has a dynamic input function where a new td with input boxes is created. The input boxes are processes in javascript for further calculations.

Right now, whenever I add a new collumn with input options, cycle time and idle time is calculated in the box of process #1 istead of the new created ones of process #2.

It would be great if zou guys could help me out with that. Here is my current status:

function calculateTakt() {

   var c_demandtStr =document.getElementById('c_demand').value;
   if (!c_demandtStr)
     c_demandtStr = '0';

   var c_workingTimetStr = document.getElementById('c_workingTime').value;
   if (!c_workingTimetStr)
     c_workingTimetStr = '0';

   var demand = parseFloat( c_demandtStr);
   var workingTime = parseFloat(c_workingTimetStr);
   document.getElementById("r_taktTime").value = workingTime / demand;

function calculateCycle() {

   var c_outputtStr = document.getElementById('c_output').value;
   if (!c_outputtStr)
     c_outputtStr = '0';

   var c_processingTimetStr = document.getElementById('c_processingTime').value;
   if (!c_processingTimetStr)
     c_processingTimetStr = '0';

   var c_setupTimetStr = document.getElementById('c_setupTime').value;
   if (!c_setupTimetStr)
     c_setupTimetStr = '0';

   var output = parseFloat(c_outputtStr);
   var processingTime = parseFloat(c_processingTimetStr);
   var setupTime = parseFloat(c_setupTimetStr);
   document.getElementById("r_cycleTime").value = output / (processingTime + setupTime);

   var r_taktTimetStr = document.getElementById('r_taktTime').value;
   var r_cycleTimetStr = document.getElementById('r_cycleTime').value;
   var taktTime = parseFloat(r_taktTimetStr);
   var cycleTime = parseFloat(r_cycleTimetStr);
   document.getElementById("r_idleTime").value = taktTime - cycleTime;

var counter = 1;

var limit = 10;
function addInput(tdName){
     if (counter == limit)  {
          alert("You have reached the maximum of " + counter + " process steps.");
     else {
          var newtd = document.createElement('td');
          newtd.innerHTML = "Process #" + (counter + 1) + "<br>Units processed (pce) <input id = 'c_output' type='Text'  name='output' size='4' onkeyup='calculateCycle()'>"
             + " <br>Processing time (min) <input id = 'c_processingTime' type='Text' name='processingTime' size='4' onkeyup='calculateCycle()'>"
             + " <br>setup time (min) <input id = 'c_setupTime' type='Text' name='setupTime' size='4' onkeyup='calculateCycle()'> <br>"
             + " <br>Cycle Time <input id = 'r_cycleTime' type='Text' name='cycleTime' id='cycleTime' size='4'>"
             + " <br>Idle Time <input id = 'r_idleTime' type='Text' name='idleTime' id='idleTime' size='4'>";


<b>Machinery and Process Indicators</b><br>
 <input id = "c_demand" type="Text"  name="demand" size="4" onkeyup="calculateTakt()"> Customer demand (YR)<br>
 <input id = "c_workingTime" type="Text" name="workingTime" size="4" onkeyup="calculateTakt()"> Net working time (YR)<br>
 <input id = "r_taktTime" type="Text" name="taktTime" id="taktTime" size="4"> Takt Time<br><br>

<form method="POST">
  <tr id="dynamicInput">
         Process #1<br>
         Units processed (pce) <input id = "c_output" type="Text"  name="output" size="4" onkeyup="calculateCycle()"> <br>  
         Processing time (min) <input id = "c_processingTime" type="Text" name="processingTime" size="4" onkeyup="calculateCycle()"> <br>
         setup time (min) <input id = "c_setupTime" type="Text" name="setupTime" size="4" onkeyup="calculateCycle()"> <br><br>
         Cycle Time <input id = "r_cycleTime" type="Text" name="cycleTime id="cycleTime" size="4"> <br>
         Idle Time <input id = "r_idleTime" type="Text" name="idleTime id="idleTime" size="4"> <br>
<input type="button" value="Add Step" onClick="addInput('dynamicInput');">


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use your counter to add a number on to each ID, this will make them unique. Do the same for the name attribute too, because this is what will be used to find the fields when the form is submitted. –  musefan May 2 '13 at 8:54
Too easy! Thanks a lot! –  user2342331 May 9 '13 at 8:41

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