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Anyone got the Android uiautomator to run with multiple devices, at the same time, but doing different things?

I mean, I'd like my test to start up both devices and apps and then device A does something that device B has to react to. It seems this cannot be done with the current UiAutomatorTestRunner (which is hidden). Am I wrong?

Is my best bet to build my own TestRunner that can handle multiple devices? Tips?

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This is not possible as the UiAutomatorTestCase subclass actually runs on the device. Writing a custom test runner will not resolve this problem.

I had a similar need and created a small proof of concept - UiMutilator

It utlizes a a workaround - It creates several small dummy-test-methods that always pass that does the automation you need, e.g. pressing a button. The corresponding method in UiMutilator, e.g. pressHome() then invokes this dummy-test-methods. This way it can control multiple devices!

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How is that so? When I was using the python wrapper, using multiple devices was trivial. Pass the device id to the instantiation of UiDevice for each device.

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