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I am trying to make my own custom magento (1.7) theme, I was using a tutorial that made me add these file structures;

app > design > frontend > default > 'themename'

And then in that themename map I needed to make;

default > layout

default > template

And then in skin;

skin > frontend > default > 'themename'

And then in that themename map I needed to make;

default > css

default > js

default > images

And so I did. I tried adding a style.css file to that map, as the tutorial said, but nothing happened.. The css said that the bg would be pink, but it isn't. I looked at other tutorials and they were all talking about different kind of file structures. I'm a bit lost now. Where do I need to put my files?

Also, how do I select my theme? I went to System > Configuration > Design in the admin panel, and added the name of my theme in the package bar but then it says no such thing exist...

I'm a bit lost and I'm hoping someone can help. By the way, I disabled caches and I'm not misspelling my theme name or using weird chars, just lowercase letters.

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Refer to this


And your layout and template folders need to be created as




and app/design/frontend/default/'themename'/template

Same goes for the Skin mapping.

Also in magento admin configuration

In Design tab you need to enter the package name as default as per your config

and in the themes in template, layout and skin(Images/CSS) you need to put your 'themename'.

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