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I'm trying to save the text of an element into a variable then get a portion of it with substring and store it in another var to use it to search that text in another page of the web.

Here's the code:

storeTextPresent - css=div#titol-pantalla > h2 - var_nCtr

storeEval - javascript{storedVars['var_nCtr'].substring(12,23)} - var_simul

At this point, selenium throws me the error mentioned in the subject:

[error] Unexpected Exception: fileName -> chrome://selenium-ide/content/selenium-core/scripts/selenium-api.js, lineNumber -> 2535, columnNumber -> 0

I thought this could be because I had installed Chrome, but I uninstalled it and I'm still having the error.

I've also tried to add ":" between javascript and the {}:

storeEval - javascript:{storedVars['var_nCtr'].substring(12,23)} - var_simul

but still didn't work.

And tried to avoid using the "javascript" word as of an advise of a post I've found:

storeEval - {storedVars['var_nCtr'].substring(12,23)} - var_simul

but... still not working

I have searched across the internet and I've not found a concrete answer that helped me.

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Try This.


    <td>var var_nCtr= &quot;${var_nCtr}&quot;; var_nCtr.substring(6, 8);</td>
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Hi. And sorry for being late on my answer (long weekend :P) I have tested your code and it works perfectly for my purpose. Ty very much. :) –  Eduard Sanchez Pujol May 6 '13 at 7:25
@EduardSanchezPujol Please mark it as the answer then. –  Mark W Jun 28 '13 at 9:23

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