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In my framework I must assure that when a class inherits from ClassA, it must inherit also from ClassB, with ClassB following ClassA (in order to make overridden methods work [in Django forms]). E.g.

class MyClass(ClassA, ClassB) --> correct

class MyClass(ClassA) --> wrong

class MyClass(ClassB, ClassA) --> wrong

is there a way to make ClassA check that it is followed by ClassB (on startup or at runtime)?

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Instead of requiring a specific inheritance order, provide a ClassC that uses the right order instead:

class ClassC(ClassA, ClassB):

You can verify base classes with a metaclass, but that is overkill when a simple base class will do. A metaclass on ClassA would be called for subclasses of ClassA as well, then you simply test the bases parameter for the right orderings.

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There is a way to do it after defining the classes. It uses mro() method. If you have something like this

class A(object):

class B(object):

class C(A,B):

If you print the output of mro you get the following.

print(A.mro(), B.mro(), C.mro())
([<class '__main__.A'>, <type 'object'>], 
[<class '__main__.B'>, <type 'object'>], 
[<class '__main__.C'>, <class '__main__.A'>, <class '__main__.B'>, <type 'object'>])

A way could be:

if C.mro()[1] == A.mro()[0] and C.mro()[2] == B.mro()[0]:
    go ahead
    raise Exception
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