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Here's the situation. I have an application that's working fine with the transactionmanager that i'm using. what i need to do is post some information onto another application in the form of http calls at certain stages. What i want to happen is for the http calls to be made only when the transaction completes successfully. And if the transaction fails for some reason (Some Exception) then the http call should not be made.

Any suggestions on how this can be done?

is there a way where during the course of my code i can register these http calls and when the transaction manager completes successfully, these http calls are made.

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Spring provides a clean way of handling callback events via TransactionSynchronization. This registers hooks for various transaction events (After commit, On completion etc).

Here is a related post which address your problem. Here is another link.

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Thanks!! Will have a look and see how it goes !! –  prithvikg May 2 '13 at 11:36

Thanks for the info on TransactionSynchronization. Didn't know about that. It led me to this thread which has helped me.

dynamically register transaction listener with spring?

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