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I am working on a flash based facebook application, have implemented FB Credits and they are working fine but with one issue am unable to resolve:

The purchase call will be from the SWF to a JS function

function buy_currency(item_id){
        var obj = {
          method: 'pay',
          action: 'buy_item',
          order_info: {'item_id': 1},x

        FB.ui(obj, js_callback);
var js_callback = function(data) {
        if (data['order_id']) {
          // Facebook only returns an order_id if you've implemented
          // the Credits Callback payments_status_update and settled
          // the user's placed order.

          // Notify the user that the purchased item has been delivered
          // without a complete reload of the game.
                    "<br><b>Transaction Completed!</b> </br></br>"
                    + "Data returned from Facebook: </br>"
                    + "Order ID: " + data['order_id'] + "</br>"
                    + "Status: " + data['status']);
        } else if (data['error_code']) {
          // Appropriately alert the user.
                    "<br><b>Transaction Failed!</b> </br></br>"
                    + "Error message returned from Facebook:</br>"
                    + data['error_code'] + " - "
                    + data['error_message']);
        } else {
          // Appropriately alert the user.
          write_callback_data("<br><b>Transaction failed!</b>");

Here in the callback I need to inform the flash again about the purchase


and it would refresh the currency their but, I see that in the callback function if (data['order_id']) { only occur when I click the close button on the Purchase Successful popup. My concern is that if a user doesn't clicked the close button for any reason how would I notify flash??

Regards Junaid

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