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I'm developing a yahoo login integration in Android App and return into main Activity. I have completed all the steps of yahoo integration.I have spent several days for searching yahoo integration in android but i cant find proper way.When i run this code and proper sign in yahoo email and when i click agree button it comes always call_Back URL. Please can anyone help mi.Here is my code

public class RequestTokaenActivity2 extends Activity
    private OAuthConsumer consumer;
    private OAuthProvider provider;
    private SharedPreferences yahooPrefs;
    private CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer myConsumer;
    private CommonsHttpOAuthProvider myProvider;
    private String requestToken;
    private String accessToken;

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

            consumer=new CommonsHttpOAuthConsumer(c1.CONSUMER_KEY,c1.CONSUMER_SECRET);

            consumer.setMessageSigner(new HmacSha1MessageSigner());
            HttpClient httpCliet=new DefaultHttpClient();

            provider=new CommonsHttpOAuthProvider(c1.REQUEST_URL,c1.ACCESS_URL,c1.AUTHORIZE_URL,httpCliet);
            String strUrl=provider.retrieveRequestToken(consumer,c1.OAUTH_CALLBACK_URL);
            startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW,Uri.parse(strUrl)));


        catch(Exception ex)
            Log.e(ex.getMessage(), ex.toString());




    public void onNewIntent(Intent intent)
        final Uri uri=intent.getData();

        if(uri!=null && uri.getScheme().equals(c1.OAUTH_CALLBACK_SCHEME))
            Log.i(c1.TAG, "Callback received : " + uri);
            Log.i(c1.TAG, "Retrieving Access Token");


    private void getRequestToken()
            String url=provider.retrieveRequestToken(consumer, c1.OAUTH_CALLBACK_URL);
            Intent i=new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW , Uri.parse(url)).setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP | Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NO_HISTORY | Intent.FLAG_FROM_BACKGROUND );

        catch(Exception e1)
            Log.e(c1.TAG, "Error retrieving request token", e1);

    private void getAccessToken(Uri uri)

        final String oauthVerifier=uri.getQueryParameter(OAuth.OAUTH_VERIFIER);
        final Editor edit=yahooPrefs.edit();

        String token=yahooPrefs.getString(OAuth.OAUTH_TOKEN, "");
        String secret=yahooPrefs.getString(OAuth.OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET,"");

        consumer.setTokenWithSecret(token, secret);
        this.startActivity(new Intent(this,OAuthMain.class));
        Log.i(c1.TAG, "Access Token Retrieved");



  public class c1 
        public static final String CONSUMER_KEY     = "xxxxxxxxxx";
        public static final String CONSUMER_SECRET  = "xxxxxxxxxx";

        public static final String SCOPE            = "http://social.yahooapis.com/v1/user/";

        public static final String REQUEST_URL      = "https://api.login.yahoo.com/oauth/v2/get_request_token";


        public static final String ACCESS_URL       = "https://api.login.yahoo.com/oauth/v2/get_access_token"; 

        public static final String AUTHORIZE_URL    = "https://api.login.yahoo.com/oauth/v2/request_auth";
        //public static final String UNAUTHORIZE_URL  = "https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/revoke";

        public static final String GET_CONTACTS_FROM_YAHOO_REQUEST="http://social.yahooapis.com/v1/user/{guid}/contacts";

        public static final String ENCODING = "UTF-8";

        public static final String  OAUTH_CALLBACK_SCHEME   = "http";
        public static final String  OAUTH_CALLBACK_HOST     = "www.bcod.co.in";
        public static final String  OAUTH_CALLBACK_URL      = OAUTH_CALLBACK_SCHEME + "://" + OAUTH_CALLBACK_HOST;
        public static final String  APP_NAME                = "Demo_Oauth1";
        public static final String  TAG = null;

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see this stackoverflow.com/a/11119098/1218762 –  Rstar May 2 '13 at 10:57
I already try student badge example but when i run this the application is asking for Oath pin in dialog box.And i don't know which type of Oath pin is asking for authorization for retrieving the contact ? –  TJM May 2 '13 at 11:02
see this..stackoverflow.com/questions/23781331/… –  N.V.Rao Jun 6 at 4:11

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