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On WinXP with pythonxy and the according QtDesigner etc. I have a small app where a QMainWindow calls a modal QDialog. To ensure that the close() action is performed with the pushButton I provide, I removed the min/max/close from the titlebar by myDialog.setWindowFlags(Qt.CustomizeWindowHint | Qt.Dialog | Qt.WindowTitleHint). First of all I have to say that it is rather strange that I have to provide the Qt.Dialog Flag as well, as otherwise the dialog does not show. In contrast a main window shows when providing Qt.CustomizeWindowHint only.

My main problem, however, is to set an Icon. On the main window myMain.setIcon(myIcon) works fine. If the dialog gets the additional Flag Qt.WindowMinimizeButtonHint which also shows max/close but disabled, I can set the icon as well. In principle this would already be ok, as I only want to avoid closing by the [x] button. Nevertheless, that is not satisfying.

How do I set the icon with no min/max/close in the titlebar? On the forum I found, e.g. this thread setIcon in Win7, but that seems to hande Win7 problems. Furthermore, my ctypes does not seem to have a ctypes.windll.shell32 (python3 ?). Is there a hasIcon that I am missing and that I have to use before I can setIcon(QIcon)?

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Have you tried setting the following flags: Qt.Dialog | Qt.CustomizeWindowHint | Qt.WindowTitleHint | Qt.WindowSystemMenuHint. You will still be left with the close button but the rest of the buttons should be gone. –  thuga May 2 '13 at 12:19
OK, that is somewhat closer to what I want, thanks. Is there no way to have an icon with none of the min/max/close buttons at all? Looking at general Dialogs (e.g. Google Images) gives the impression that an upper left icon requires at least one upper right button (which however might be disabled). Why would that be? –  mikuszefski May 2 '13 at 12:32
I think it's the way Windows handles things. You can of course remove the whole frame and draw it yourself, but i think that would require a lot of work. –  thuga May 2 '13 at 12:43
I am afraid you are right. Looked into some old C++ code, where I played around with this (Borland + VLC) and every time I removed the buttons no icon is visible. This is one of the windows mysteries then. –  mikuszefski May 2 '13 at 13:16

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