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I want to show the current date in my application like this: Thu, May 2, 2013

I already have the following code to get the current date

Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();

Time time = new Time();
time.set(c.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH), c.get(Calendar.MONTH),

How can I format this Time object to the string I need?

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Try using SimpleDateFormat format = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd"); For the detailed explanation of the values uses use this link – Ashwini Bhangi May 2 '13 at 11:47
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This does what you want

Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();
SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("EEE, MMM d, yyyy");
String strDate = sdf.format(cal.getTime());
System.out.println("Current date in String Format: " + strDate);

Where strDate can be displayed in your textView or whatever

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Maybe you can use it.

This example displays the names of the weekdays in short form with the help of DateFormatSymbols().getWeekdays() method of DateFormatSymbols class.

import java.text.*;
import java.util.*;
public class Main {
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      Date dt = new Date(1000000000000L);

      DateFormat[] dtformat = new DateFormat[6];
      dtformat[0] = DateFormat.getInstance();
      dtformat[1] = DateFormat.getDateInstance();
      dtformat[2] = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.MEDIUM);
      dtformat[3] = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.FULL);
      dtformat[4] = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.LONG);
      dtformat[5] = DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT);

      for(DateFormat dateform : dtformat)


9/9/01 7:16 AM
Sep 9, 2001
Sep 9, 2001
Sunday, September 9, 2001
September 9, 2001


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Use this

SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("EEE, MMM dd,yyyy");
String formattedDate = formatter.format(new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()));              
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I will suggest to use java.text.SimpleDateFormat instead.

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    Date date=new Date();
    String format = new SimpleDateFormat("EEE,MMM d,yyyy ").format(date);
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SimpleDateFormat dateformat= new SimpleDateFormat("dd,MM,yyyy");

String strdate = dateformat.format(new Date(System.currentTimeMillis())); 

Oops, I'm a bit slow.

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