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I use FusionCharts Free to plot some column charts. Some of the data labels (the texts under each column on the x-axis) are long, and end up overlapping with the labels of other columns. Is it possible to make the text wrap?

(I know it is possible to rotate labels, but that is not an option for me because it strips out any non-ASCII characters.)

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Hey, You could try using the '
' character as a new line break for this. Just a common workaround for this though. You would have to place it in-between the Label, from where you would like it to 'wrap'.

Hope this helps someone. :)

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Use {br}.

Here is the link below:


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The link is for FusionCharts Flex. Does {br} work for FusionCharts Free also? – Vebjorn Ljosa Jun 28 '11 at 14:37
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Wrapping of the x-axis label is not available in FusionCharts Free. It is, however, available in the commercial product FusionCharts 3.

Source: answer from customer support

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Also, FusionCharts Free is an open source product. So feel free to modify the source code in any way which suits you.

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