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Below is my table contents:

select * from summary_weekly_sales;

-------------- ------------------  ---------------
charan          25-APR-13              23
charan          26-APR-13               2
charan          28-APR-13               5
charan          29-APR-13              50
anil            25-APR-13              13
anil            26-APR-13               4
anil            28-APR-13               5
anil            29-APR-13              30

In the ireport DATE_OF_ACTIVATION is the input parameter (but here I am taking date_of_activation as 29-APR-13), I want the output to displayed as below:

-------------- ---------------  ---------------
charan          10              50

anil            7.33            30


avg_sales_week is the average week sales per distributor (i.e. 7 days back of 29-APR-13)

i.e. for charan distributor average = (5+2+23)/3

Number_Of_Sales is the sales done on 29-APR-13

I tried with wm_concat function of oracle but its not working as expected.

Is there any way to get the above expected result.

Regards, Charan

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i thinks that it's not possible to do this request in one shot, because if you have a whre clause like DATE_OF_ACTIVATION = 29-APR-13, you cannot calculate the average sales –  Nagasaki May 2 '13 at 12:40
for anil as distributor average is (13+4+3)/3 i.e. 10 –  kattashri May 2 '13 at 12:45
Take a look at the Oracle analytic functions –  OldProgrammer May 2 '13 at 12:57

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This would do it:

select distributor
,      sum(case when date_of_activation < date '2013-04-29'
           then number_of_sales end)  
       / count(distinct case when date_of_activation < date '2013-04-29' 
           then date_of_activation end) as avg_sales_week   
,      sum(case when date_of_activation=date '2013-04-29' 
           then number_of_sales end) number_of_sales
from   summary_weekly_sales
where  date_of_activation between date '2013-04-29' - 7 and date '2013-04-29'
group by distributor;

---------- -------------- ---------------
anil           7.33333333              30
charan                 10              50

Just replace date '2013-04-29' by your parameter name e.g. p_date to use in procedure.

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I have never seen a query like this before. –  kattashri May 2 '13 at 13:57
Hi @Tony, is it possible to get an absolute difference between average_sales_week and number_of_sales in your query –  kattashri May 3 '13 at 5:26
@kattashri: not sure what you mean - do you mean one minus the other? if so you could wrap the query in another and select distributor, avg_sales_week, number_of_sales, number_of_sales-avg_sales_week as difference from ([the query above]) –  Tony Andrews May 3 '13 at 9:09
sum(number_of_sales) / 
    (select count(*) from summary_weekly_sales sws2 where sws2.distributor = distributor and sws2.date_of_activation > '29-APR-13' - 7)
as avg_sales_week, 
FROM summary_weekly_sales
GROUP BY distributor

Maybe this should help.

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