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I am pretty new to faceted search, so it is kind of difficult for me to wrap my head around this... but here goes:

Pretend I have Item which contains a collection of SubItems and the SubItem has an enum that indicates a status - I have successfully enabled faceted search on categories on both Item and SubItem using this index definition:

public class FacetIndexItems : AbstractIndexCreationTask<Item>
    public const string FacetId = "facets/Items";
    public const string ItemCategoryFacetName = "Category";
    public const string SubItemCategoryFacetName = "SubItems_Category";

    public FacetIndexItems()
        Map = items => from item in items
                       from subItem in item.SubItems
                       select new
                                      Category = item.Category,
                                      SubItems_Category = subItem.Category

and this FacetSetup:

new FacetSetup
    Id = FacetIndexItems.FacetId,
    Facets =
            new Facet {Name = FacetIndexItems.ItemCategoryFacetName},
            new Facet {Name = FacetIndexItems.SubItemCategoryFacetName}

So far, so good!

Now, pretend that SubItem has a Status property - is there a way to divide the result of each facet into different statuses?

E.g. so that quering this data:

    Category: "wut", 
    SubItems: [
       {Category: "bim", Status: "good"},
       {Category: "bim", Status: "good"},
       {Category: "bim", Status: "bad"}

by item.Category.In("wut") && item.SubItems.Any(s => s.Category.In("bim")) would yield a result like

    Category: {
        "good": 2
        "bad": 1
    SubItems_Category: {
        "good": 2
        "bad": 1

I am unsure whether this is actually possible to do with faceted search, and I am definitely open to alternatives if my approach is wrong.

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You would have to generate different values for each option, you can't do a facet on more than one field at a time. But you can generate fields at indexing time, so that does the same thing.

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Am I understading correctly that you're suggesting that I generate e.g. a Category_Status in the index and create a facet on that as well? I guess I could do that - that way I could query by Category and retrieve the facet results which I would know were divided out into the Category_Status facet result. – mookid8000 May 3 '13 at 7:49
Excellent! I did that, and it works like a charm :) – mookid8000 May 3 '13 at 11:17

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