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So I've been given a bunch of 3D data points of two types A and B in list format and the question I am trying to solve is asking me to look at the data points and determine if I think they are linearly separable or not(just by looking at the points).

However I don't know how to go about telling if they're linearly separable just by looking at the points. Are there any hints or tricks or some sort of method I can use to determine the answer?

The number of data points is pretty small. There's only like 25 points in group A and 40 in group B.

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Suppose that there is a linear page that could separate your data. Suppose that this page could be written as:

z = Mx + Ny + O

For fining the page, you should find M, N and O in such a way that Z>0 for data in A and Z<0 for data in B. This could be solved easily by constraint programming techniques.

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