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How to read error codes which appear in the console?

<Warning>:  ....... -exited abnormally with signal 9: Killed: 9
<Warning>:  ....... -1 err = Bad file descriptor (0x00000009)

Here what does signal 9 mean, are there any more signals apart from it. Any documentation available for it.

I get this kind of error, when a App. launched from Xcode is terminated by "Stop" button in Xcode toolbar.

{Another way to get this error is , to press home button, then double tap home button and close the app. }

Things even get worse when I launch the App. again, by tapping on App. icon on iPad Screen, App crashes and throws "libMobileGestalt copySystemVersionDictionaryValue: Could not lookup ReleaseType from system version dictionary"

From finding on stack overflow , I see that this error is found in iOS 6 devices.

This url states that it's a SIGKILL error and it happens when "application is being terminated immediately, without any chance to clean up or catch and handle the signal"

So, I think releasing objets in "-(void) didReceiveMemoryWarning" would not help to solve it, then what could be a definite solution?

-(void) didReceiveMemoryWarning{
    [super didReceiveMemoryWarning];
    //release objects
    [view1 removeFromSuperView];
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Take a look at the signal.h manpage for all system-defined signals. –  nif Jun 20 '13 at 16:39

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On UNIX systems the normal way to force terminate an app process is with

kill -9 PROCESS_ID

This sends the app the signal number nine which means: "you quit, NOW"

Generally unhandled exceptions will also cause the OS to terminate apps with this signal. Also killing an app via the "task switcher" does the same thing.

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in linux there are around 64 signals (more than 64 in some system) ..if you want to see all signals numbering just type "kill -l" without quote on the terminal you will see all the list of signal these. signals are generated by the kernel or by kill system call by user on the particular application(e.g. kill -n app_name ). signal 9 is SIGKILL this is use to kill the application. though we can also mask some of the signals but not all signals can be masked in an application. for future ref. u can go here


and also see the man page of signal you will get to know more

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