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I have a table similar to this:

ID      WEEK
1       1
2       1
3       1
4       2
5       2
6       3
7       3
8       3

This is my current query:

SELECT COUNT(*), `week` FROM data GROUP BY `week`

Here's an sqlfiddle!2/bfdb6/2/0

What I need is to group rows every 2 weeks into the same COUNT.

So instead of this:

3           1
2           2
3           3
3           4

I'd get:

5           1
5           2
6           3
3           4

Where every week also has the next weeks COUNT added to it.

Question amended:

I should have been clear about what I really needed.

Rather than grouping weeks 1 and 3, what I need is grouping by every 2 weeks.

So group by weeks 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, 4 and 5, etc

Automatically if possible, but the sql could be generated outside the query for the week groupings.


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I think I have it for you...

First, get distinct weeks available from the data... Then, join to the data but specifically on EITHER week or week +1

I applied this to your existing SQLFiddle and it appeared to work.

      Count(*) as TwoWeekSum
      ( select distinct
              data ) JustWeeks
      JOIN data 
         ON JustWeeks.`week` = data.`week`
         OR JustWeeks.`week` +1 = data.`week`
   group by
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That looks like what I'm after! Thank you very much, @DRapp. – pocketcup May 2 '13 at 14:59

you may look for this

   case When week In  (1,3) Then ( select count(week) from data
                           where week in (1,3) ) 
   else ( select count(week) from data
                           where week =2 ) end count , week
   FROM data 
   group by count
  order by count desc



  COUNT    week
    6       1
    2       2
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Thanks echo_me, I've edited the question because I didn't explain it very well. I hope you can still help. Thanks. – pocketcup May 2 '13 at 13:49

create a case expression that represents the group buckets:

SELECT COUNT(*), case When week In (1,3) Then 'W13' Else 'W2' End
FROM data 
GROUP BY case When week In (1,3) Then 'W13' Else 'W2' End

Based on edited post, if week is integer, dividing by 2 will create what you want, since

 week    week/2
   0         0
   1         0
   2         1
   3         1
   4         2
   5         2

....... .etc.

so try this then:

SELECT COUNT(*), week/2 
FROM data 
GROUP BY week/2 
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Thanks, this seems very similar to what I need. I've just updated the post because I left out some important details. I hope you can help. – pocketcup May 2 '13 at 13:42

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