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In my application i have more then 10 modules now once i publish the application using clickonce after that i want to publish those modules which are changes.. Basically i do not want to publish whole application again as it takes lot of time and load on my server .. but do not know how can i achive this... i have also looked at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-in/library/gg405497%28v=pandp.40%29.aspx

but doesn't help me...

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We have our modules stored on a network share with version information and permissions held in the database, we have a small utility app to manage and update these modules.

When the app starts (in Bootstrapper) it checks for modules you have permission to and versions using a shared service (IModuleService) then simply copies over any new or updated dlls into the local module directory - ready to be loaded by custom implementation of DirectoryModuleCatalog

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