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I am currently working on a ASP.NET MVC projet running on Windows Azure. I recently upgraded all packages of this project and it seems that my web.x.config is not loaded anymore.

To be more precise, I've got three different configuration : - Development - Staging - Production

each one has a web.x.config where x is replaced by one of these names. When running the project I was suprised that my database connection string was pretty dull (.\SQLExpress) instead of my connection to azure.

After a long time searching on the web, I tried to move this from web.Development.config :

    <add name="DatabaseContext" connectionString="Server=tcp:xxx.database.windows.net,1433;Database=<database>;User ID=<login>;Password=<pass>;Trusted_Connection=False;Encrypt=True;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" xdt:Transform="Insert"/>

to web.config, removing the transform :

    <add name="DatabaseContext" connectionString="Server=tcp:xxx.database.windows.net,1433;Database=<database>;User ID=<login>;Password=<pass>;Trusted_Connection=False;Encrypt=True;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

At this point my database connection string is the right one, so it seems that my web.x.config is not used when running the application. I tried to locate the settings that would let me change that but to no avail. Any idea why this is happening ?

If this is convention over configuration, my configuration has got the same name as the web.config subfile i.e config : development, file : web.development.config

Thanks, Stéphane

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Transforms are only made when you publish/deploy the application. So while you are running/debugging locally, it uses the web.config settings (no transform is being made).

See this SO thread for a possible solution (I haven't tried/needed personally).


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@EdSF is correct Web.config transforms will only be applied during a publish/deploy routine not in a debug mode.

You could use an add-on like SlowCheetah to apply your transforms in debug mode.

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