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I'd like to create an array as follows:

Dim vHdr As Variant

vHdr = Array("Jogo", "Sala", "Operadora", "Semana", "NSemana", "Acumulado Semana 3")

However, in "Acumulado Semana 3", the 3 is a variable called semana_atual.

I tried:

vHdr = Array("Jogo", "Sala", "Operadora", "Semana", "NSemana", ""Acumulado & "" - "" & " & semana_atual")

but it didn't work. Could you guys help me? Thank you!

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You should tag your question with what this actually is (i.e. what tool or language). –  timss May 2 '13 at 14:45

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What if you try this (for VBA):

vHdr = Array("Jogo", "Sala", "Operadora", "Semana", "NSemana", "Acumulado Semana " & semana_atual)

just you need some order with your quotation marks. (I added 'Semana' referring to what you need, not what you have tried).

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Thank you so much! It worked =) –  karips May 2 '13 at 14:57

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