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I'm trying to realize E2E testing of existing AngularJS application with Karma Test Runner. My application is located on host1.internal and I'm on host2.internal. So in my karma config file I have:

proxies = {
  '/': 'http://host1.internal/',

Before logging in it shows different <div>'s that are inside of index.html, but after logging in it hides all visible before divs with ng-hide='loggedIn'. The problem is that partial view files are being fetched for <div ng-view> with AngularJS routing config like that:

  when('/', {
    controller: overviewController,
    templateUrl: 'views/overview.html',
    // templateUrl: 'http://host2.internal/views/overview.html',
    title_prefix: 'Home'
 etc. etc. etc.

and I get these errors in my browser's console:

GET http://localhost:9876/views/homepage.html 404 (Not Found)

As you can see in routing config code snippet, I've tried getting templates with full URL, but unfortunately, the request is not simple GET, it's OPTIONS (I'm not sure why?) and I'm getting error about good old Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.

How do I configure proxy in Karma config correctly so that I could fetch these static files? Or any other solution?


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When you start karma do you see a warning message concerning urlRoot? – Noah Freitas May 2 '13 at 15:19
[WARN] config - urlRoot normalized to "/e2e/", but that's because I've put urlRoot to that in karma config file. Without urlRoot it can't even load my application front page. – Iļja Gubins May 3 '13 at 5:57
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I've found solution to this problem, I've put $templateCache to use. That way all html files are being loaded in one .js file together with all the rest scripts on my index.html.

If you use Grunt like me, look at grunt-html2js.


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