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So I am having trouble with an error that is popping up for a sample of users for this code in my app

It is only happening for a sample and I do not have a lot of intel on what is happening and the problem is I cannot replicate the error on my own machine or have any idea what the problem is.

I am not sure how to be alerted of this message so I can actually see the problem and don't know how to debug it

Here is the error:

One person sent me console info on the issue and they got this message: "Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL" but that doesn't seem to happen to everyone getting the error and I have read that in most cases that error doesn't actually cause an error for the client.

So how the heck do I debug this error that has some causation that I cannot figure out?

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I added this service to the app:

Not sure if that will even catch the error I am looking for, but it will be generally helpful regardless.

I will report back if I get to the bottom of this.

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