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I'm using ContentFile from Django Python and I have a ContentFile that was previously uploading to a web server.

What I would like to do is also save this ContentFile (it is a PDF) onto my local machine.

in : type(file_contents)
out : <class 'django.core.files.base.ContentFile'>

from import default_storage
path ='/tmp/file.pdf', file_contents)


I can't find this file anywhere on my local machine ... I recognize I might be doing something wrong, but any help here would be great. Want to be able to find this PDF on my local machine to see what it looks like.

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The server can't save files to your local machine. Only your local browser can do that. The only thing the server can do is to present a file for download by the browser.

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Hi Daniel - Sorry, I should clarify, I'm not on a server. I'm using python shell to demonstrate this. – yrekkehs May 2 '13 at 17:26

It turns out there was a much simpler answer. What I could do was just open a new file

pdf_file = open(LOCAL_PDF_SAVE_LOCATION, "wb")

This ended up being a much simpler solution, and shows I over thought it a bit too much.

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