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I know, someone already asked the question, but please hear me out I had been searching and experimenting all suggestions that I had found.. with no luck. My google search had been in circle where I keep finding several posts several times again and again

Here is what I found
1. to get the DisconnectCause .. need to get Connection instance, the most suitable is from CallManager.
2. Unfortunately, these classes are from internal.com which is NOT 'available' to SDK developer
found a good link on android backend service by Makarana

3. To use logcat radio.. unfortunately JB is no longer grant that permission .. :(

Some suggestion that I experiment with
a) using Reflection... no success,
b) altering android.jar.. same result, no success

In both cases, CallManager getServiceStatus is actually returning the default value.. for me that is an indication that is not getting the right instance

Then, I found someone said about compiling for source code or something about git hub tree... if you do not plan to MARKET it.. Yes, I am looking for this approach

My plan is to develop an app that can be used by our company internal teams to improve the services to our customers. My company is a small telecomunication company.

Unfortunately, I found no relevant posting or suggestion on how to do so. Hence, in seeking the wise suggestions and guides from all of you. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you

Seem to me that no one is taking up the issue

Hence, my team decided to make it as a project If there is anyone interested to participate, may check this link (https://www.freelancer.com/projects/Java-Mobile-Phone/Android-Call-Connection-DisconnectCause.html)

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