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So first I have 2 tables-

  1. Main Output Table
  2. Geocode Replacement/Correction Table

First thing we do is a leftjoin - if main output table matches any geocodes on replacement table, it swaps them out.

However we have 3 columns in main output table where the geocodes can go:

  1. zipCity
  2. zipState
  3. zipNation

This determines a lot of factors depending on where the geocode is placed.

Now the kicker: The geocode replacement table has 2 exceptions where although the geocode is city related, it needs to go to state. They are special exceptions. So I made a checkbox to mark them.

For these exceptions that are checkbox'd - I want the SQL/SELECT statement to check if the checkbox is checked, and if so - mark it as a ZIPSTATE. If it is not marked, keep it as a ZIPCITY.

My Biggest problem: With the below SELECT coding, it keeps giving me a syntax error complaining about an operator. But I have triple checked this a million times, and I really am under the impression that it doesn't like multiple AS [Column Name] statements in a single column select.

qdQuery.SQL = "SELECT IIf(Input.ZIPCITY Is Not Null, IIf(Input.ZIPCITY=[Geocodes].
    AS [ZIP STATE], [Geocodes]![ReplacementGeocode] AS [ZIP CITY]), Input.ZIPCITY AS 
     [ZIP CITY]), Input.GEOCITY As [ZIP CITY])" _
    & " FROM  Input LEFT JOIN [Geocodes] ON Input.ZIPCITY=[Geocodes].[ReplaceGeocode] 
       Or Input.ZIPSTATE=[Geocodes].[ReplaceGeocode] Or Input.ZIPNATION=[Geocodes].

Any help is much appreciated!

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Which DBMS are you using? –  Colin 't Hart May 2 '13 at 16:51
Please read this on how to ask questions - stackoverflow.com/faq You should encase your SQL code in a code section so it is more readable. What is the error message? –  OldProgrammer May 2 '13 at 16:54
i'm happy to format the code :) –  Chris May 2 '13 at 16:55
I already did reformat it. As soon as the re-formatting is approved you'll see it. –  DigCamara May 2 '13 at 16:55
Shouldn't [Geocodes]![ReplacementGeocode] be [Geocodes].[ReplacementGeocode]? –  Richard Deeming May 2 '13 at 16:58

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I'm not overly familiar with Access, but something like this should work:

    IIf(Input.ZIPCITY Is Not Null, 
    ) As [ZIP CITY],

    IIf(Input.ZIPCITY Is Not Null, 
    ) As [ZIP STATE]
    LEFT JOIN [Geocodes] 
    ON Input.ZIPCITY = [Geocodes].[ReplaceGeocode] 
    Or Input.ZIPSTATE = [Geocodes].[ReplaceGeocode] 
    Or Input.ZIPNATION = [Geocodes].[ReplaceGeocode]
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