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Looking for a way to change Couchbase's view Automated Index Updates setting.

I've followed this Couchbase documentation and produced the following curl command:

curl -X POST http://Administrator:welcome@localhost:8091/settings/viewUpdateDaemon -d 'updateInterval=7000&updateMinChanges=1'

But getting back error:

{"updateInterval":5000,"updateMinChanges":5000,"replicaUpdateMinChanges":5000}'updateMinChanges' is not recognized as an internal or externa l command, operable program or batch file.

When I try to change only one parameter, for example:

curl -X POST http://Administrator:welcome@localhost:8091/settings/viewUpdateDaemon -d 'updateMinChanges=1'

it didn't give any error back but settings remained the same (produced in the response):


I also tried to send fields in JSon format with the same outcome - no error but settings did't change.

curl -X POST http://Administrator:welcome@localhost:8091/settings/viewUpdateDaemon -d '{"updateInterval":7000,"updateMinChanges":100,"replicaUpdateMinChanges":100}'

So my question is: How one can change Couchbase's view settings via curl REST API? I use latest Couchbase server v.2.0.1

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I have used the following command: curl -X POST -v -d 'updateInterval=7000&updateMinChanges=7000&replicaUpdateMinChanges=7000' 'Administrator:password@…; with no issue on my Couchbase 2.0.1 cluster. Not sure what is happening in your environment –  Tug Grall May 3 '13 at 9:58
@Tug Grall Thank you. I think its my windows curl utility. I did great HTML form: <FORM method="POST" action="Administrator:welcome@localhost:8091/settings/…; <input type="text" name="updateInterval" value="7000"> <input type="text" name="updateMinChanges" value="1"> <input type="text" name="replicaUpdateMinChanges" value="1"> <input type="submit" value="Apply"> </FORM> and it works now! –  user1697575 May 3 '13 at 14:08

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