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I am looking for an extension to my joomla site where users can download pdf instruction sheets, forms, etc from a list of files available. I would must rather it forced them to log into the site to be able to download but I can adjust that by just making the module accessible to registered people only. So that is not a must have.

Anyone knows of any extension like this one? I know JoomlaShine has this extension in their JSN CUBE template but they don't offer it by itself.

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Akeeba Release System (ARS on JED) is probably the best solution of it's kind and is free to download, we use it on several of ours and our client sites.

You can also combine it with the Akeeba Subscriptions (AkSubs on JED) system to manage site access including integrated access to file downloads.

Of course there are lots of document download extensions on the the Joomla Extension Directory.

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thank you. I tried it out and was extremely complicated. I think I found an easier one to manage (QuickDownloads) Its just not tickling my fancy but it will do. Thanks again – Rei Brazilva May 3 '13 at 14:28

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