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I am parsing a csv file which is tab delimeted as you can see that in place of tab you can see arrowss since I have enabled the show all characters option in my notepad




Now I am am using csv beans 0.7 parser to parse this csv file and i am getting the objecTS for each columns like this

 if(f.getAAA () &&  && f.getBBB()  && f.getCCC() && f.getDDD()) //IT IS GETTING THE VALUE OF ROW1 agfjuikjeawe

Now as this csv file is recieved is from backend and it could be possible that value of any coulumn could also be null as shown below




Now I am putting an condition like this to check for null value but as you can see that if value is not there but tab is there ..is my condition to check this is correct

 if(f.getAAA()!=null &&  f.getBBB()!=null  && f.getCCC() !=null && f.getDDD()!=null)
    { } 
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I don't know the library you're using, but with plain java you could use the split(string) method of String in each of the lines of the csv file as this:

final String s = "abc\tefg\thij";
final String [] values = s.split("\t");

EDIT: Where the "\t" argument of the method is the special character of the tab. Then, you could check the elements in the array to look for an empty string, that would be your null value.

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