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I know the android system stop service but this happens so fast maybe 1 minutes or less of starting the service sometimes takes longer and my service is stopped and started


public void onDestroy() 
   config = getSharedPreferences("tiempo", MODE_PRIVATE);
   tiempo_inicial= new Date().getTime();
   SharedPreferences.Editor editor = config.edit();
   editor.putLong("tiempo_inicial", tiempo_inicial);

with this code I get a reference when the user turns off the phone and restart the service when it is turned on but when the android system stops and starts the service does not call this method and my task which is connect to a webservice each time loses synchronization... why this happens?

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I don't know how you are synchronizing with your web-service, since you didn't post any code. But I'm guessing this happens because the CPU goes to sleep mode when you lock the screen. Java thread functions for example, Like 'Thread.sleep', will be affected by this.

This way, It might look like the service gets stopped when locking down the screen. My advice would be to consider using a WakeLock, to keep the CPU awake when you lock the screen.

Be sure to keep the use of a wakeLock to a minimum, as it might be bad for battery life. So activate the lock when you start synchronizing and close it when you stop synchronizing.

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yes I know, but my problem is why no is called method destroy when is stoped and so get reference when start again, and service stop and start still with screen turned on –  ARH May 2 '13 at 18:49
This is because your service is never actually stopped, so onDestroy() will not be called. The slow CPU clock is causing your synchronising service to fail. Take a look at the link I gave you. –  Tristan Vanderaerden May 2 '13 at 19:01
i have log.e("xxxxx") inside the methods onStartCommand(), onDestroy() onCreate() and i can know when the system android stop and start my service, onStartCommand() onCreate() are called then the service yes stop because onCreate() only is called once time, and in this case is called continuously because the android system is stopping and starting the service but never is called onDestroy() –  ARH May 2 '13 at 19:49

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