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I need to make something like this:

INSERT `stats` (`id`,`clicks`) VALUES 
(1, clicks+7),
(2, clicks+3),

in other words, when table has no record with pk id - it inserted and clicks gets 7 (or 3). When record with PK is present, then old value of click should be increased by 7 (or 3). As you can see, increment value for each row is different. Current query always overwrites old value. Please help to modify this query.

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Solution is found by myself: ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clicks = clicks + VALUES(clicks) –  WindBridges May 2 '13 at 18:16

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The VALUES have to be literal values, not references to columns:

INSERT INTO `stats` (`id`,`clicks`) VALUES 
  (1, 7),
  (2, 3)
  ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `clicks`=`clicks` + VALUES(`clicks`)
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