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I've recently started learning Angular.js, and so far I'm extremely impressed by the framework.

I was wondering though (since it's being developed at Google) if there are any examples of Google using Angular.js "out in the wild"?

I tried searching the source of a number of Google pages for variations of "ngApp", or angular.js script includes, but found nothing.

Evidence that Google is dogfooding Angular.js in their own public web development would be a HUGE value-add to the framework for me.

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Have a look googlesciencefair.com –  Ajay Beniwal May 2 '13 at 18:11
This questions seem very real and interesting. –  Marc M. May 23 at 6:15

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Yes, Google has build large applications with AngularJS: http://blog.angularjs.org/2012/06/doubleclick-super-powered-by-angularjs.html

See also the meetup talk about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJoAnVRIVQo

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Exactly the kind of thing I was look for! Thanks. –  adamb May 2 '13 at 18:30
I like the user was weary of using Angular, since google has a funny way of closing projects. Anyway, glad to know I can use it in good faith. –  triunenature Jul 4 at 18:10

http://www.artcopycode.com/ was done in Angular, although it's not much of an application.

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Took a look at the site and it's using BackBone with Marionette, not Angular... –  Gabriel Yarra Nov 8 at 16:08
@GabrielYarra A lot can change in a year and a half. –  Langdon Nov 10 at 19:39
I find that hilariously ironic @GabrielYarra –  Seth Nov 25 at 19:40

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