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I have been porting albums in to websites with the below code and it has suddenly stopped working. The albums and photos are public but it seems to want an access_token.

Here is the graph for this particular album:

Here is the javascript I've been using:

.append('<span class="thumb" style="background: url(' + this.images[1].source + ') center no-repeat; background-size: 140%;"><a href=' + this.images[0].source + ' rel="gallery"></a></span>')
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Maybe this is by design. Take a look at this similar question:… – Mindbreaker May 2 '13 at 23:15
I am currently digesting this similar answer… – Matthew Lock May 3 '13 at 9:05
Would anyone know how to modify code to grab photos from a directory on my own server rather that Facebook? I'm trying to salvage 50+ galleries that use that code and would love to not have to completely rewrite each html page. – Kirk Ross May 5 '13 at 18:48

Assuming you own these photos, and they are indeed public, all you will need is to produce a page access token, which has no expiry. Creating an app is just clicking a button, and setting a domain, no actual coding is needed. Then you go through this scenario

When a user grants an app the manage_pages permission, the app is able to obtain page access tokens for pages that the user administers by querying the [User ID]/accounts Graph API endpoint. With the migration enabled, when using a short-lived user access token to query this endpoint, the page access tokens obtained are short-lived as well.

Exchange the short-lived user access token for a long-lived access token using the endpoint and steps explained earlier. By using a long-lived user access token, querying the [User ID]/accounts endpoint will now provide page access tokens that do not expire for pages that a user manages. This will also apply when querying with a non-expiring user access token obtained through the deprecated offline_access permission.             
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