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I have the following code

int main()
    Expression* expression;
    char paren, comma;
    string program;

    freopen("input", "r", stdin);

    while (true)
        cout << "Enter expression: ";
        cin >> paren;
        expression = SubExpression::parse();
        cin >> comma;  
        cout << "Value = " << expression->evaluate() << endl;

    return 0;

void parseAssignments()
    char assignop, delimiter;
    string variable;
    int value;
        variable = parseName();
        cin >> ws >> assignop >> value >> delimiter;
        symbolTable.insert(variable, value);
    while (delimiter == ',');

I want to read multiple expressions from a file using cin only. No matter where I put cin.eof() in the while loop, program reads input one more time and then crashes. I ahve also tried cin.peek() but still the same output. Suggest a ways to read EOF.

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As has been discussed countless times before, eof() is never the right tool.

You want this:

Expression * expression = nullptr;

for (char paren, comma;
     std::cin >> paren                     &&
     (expression = SubExpression::parse()) &&
     std::cin >> comma                     &&
    std::cout << "Value: " << expression->evaluate() << "\n";

Here we assume that both parse() and parseAssignments() return something that's convertible to true on success and false on failure (like a null pointer).

You might also want to insert checks that the delimiters are as expected, e.g. paren == '(' and comma == ','.

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