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I have book model view controller and I have library controller and view . The view folder has index.php and view.php . My question in my index.php i get following error:

ErrorException [ Notice ]: Undefined variable: books

Here is the code in my index.php file:

<?php foreach ($books as $books): ?>
<h3><?php echo Html::anchor('library/view/'.$book->id, $book->title)?></h3>
<p><?php echo $book->description?> </p>
<?php endforeach ?>
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Rename $books to $book in the condition of foreach-loop? Like this: <?php foreach ($books as $book): ?> –  bestprogrammerintheworld May 2 '13 at 18:48

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You got two errors there. One is that $books array is not initialized (hence the warning), other is that your foreach() is wrong. Replace this:

<?php foreach ($books as $books): ?>


<?php foreach ($books as $book): ?>

But you still need to find your missing $books array

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yes i did in my controller thank you so much –  user1978654 May 2 '13 at 19:00

Change the line :<?php foreach ($books as $books): ?>


<?php foreach ($books as $book): ?>       
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