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I am noticing that in my application when I use the below code I am given a formatted date in my date picker widget but when I click search the console shows empty strings. However if I remove the didInsertElement method I lose the datepicker popup but the databinding remains and the console shows the dates I typed in.

In my handlebars template

{{view App.DateField valueBinding="controller.startDate" classNames="startDate"}}
{{view App.DateField valueBinding="controller.endDate" classNames="endDate"}}
<button {{action "search" target='controller'}}>Search</button>

In my App

App.ApplicationController = Ember.ArrayController.extend({
  search: function() {
    return console.log(this.get('endDate'));

App.DateField = Ember.TextField.extend({
  didInsertElement: function() {
    return this.$().datepicker();

Any ideas why I lose the databinding when I set the didInsertElement?

Versions: bootstrap-datepicker,

jQuery 1.9.1
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Was looking for the same solution. thanks +1 – Sisir Jan 16 at 17:14

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I think the problem is that the datepicker and ember both see the value changing in different ways. Take a look at this:

  App.DateField = Ember.TextField.extend(
    didInsertElement: ->
      @.$().datepicker().on 'changeDate', =>

When the widget change event fires, if you turn around and trigger the change event on the element, then Ember should register the fact that a binding was updated.

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this was the fix I was looking for. Thanks! – Joel T May 3 '13 at 17:23

This is how I am doing it.

App.DatePicker = Ember.View.extend
  tagName: "input"
  date: null
  attributeBindings: ['value','format','readonly','type','size']
  type: "text"

  value: ( ->
    if date = @get('date')

  didInsertElement: ->
    fmt = @get('format')

    onChangeDate = (ev) =>
      @set 'date',

      format: fmt,
      autoclose: true
    ).on('changeDate', onChangeDate)

  willDestroyElement: -> @$().datepicker('remove')

#in your template
{{view App.Datepicker dateBinding=""}}
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Take a look at my Ember Bootstrap clone:

Ember Bootstrap DatePicker

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