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I have a term like aa-and-bb in the 10th column of a tab limited file, file.tsv.

I can get aa-and-bb as

cat file.tsv | awk 'BEGIN{FS="\t"};{print $10}'

How do I further get aa from aa-and-bb?

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You can use split().

split( $10, arr, "-" ); print arr[ 1 ];
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If you can guarantee no other -s in fields 1-9, you can add - as a separator:

awk -F'\t|-' '{print $10}'
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I am guessing that all three terms, aa, and, and bb are variable, and you want only the first term.

cat file.tsv | awk 'BEGIN{FS="\t"};{print $10}' | sed 's/-.*$//'
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$ awk -F'\t' '{sub(/-.*$/, "", $10);print $10}' file.tsv

But it is not 100% clear how your data looks, so we are just guessing here that you want to split on the dash.

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