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Is it possible to apply a category attribute to a container tag so that I can later use it to only retrieve certain containers?

I am looking to do something like this in my config file:

<container name="Example1" category="ExternalService">
<container name="Example2" category="ExternalService">
<container name="Example3" category="Miscellaneous">

Then in code I want to be able to do something like...

section.Containers.Where(c => c.category == "ExternalService").ToList();


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I think you can't. You could use a kind of "namespace" to categorize containers:

<container name="ExternalService.Example1">
<container name="ExternalService.Example2">
<container name="Miscellaneous.Example3">

and then:

       .Where(c => c.category.StartsWith("ExternalService."))
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I believe you're correct as I couldn't find anything anywhere. Ended up just using a related enum and ensuring that the enum members match the container names. So I do an Enum.GetNames and only use the containers that have matching names. –  Freddy V May 7 '13 at 16:15

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