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I am programming a site that accepts Bitcoin payments, but I do not want to hold any private keys on the server. I am using the so-called "lazy API" method where I create private keys and addresses ahead of time off-line, and then get customers to send to them, and I want to be notified when the transaction happens, as fast as possible, with 0 confirmations.

I can't figure out how to do this programmatically, unless I add the private key to bitcoind's wallet, which I don't want to do for security reasons. I'd prefer to do it in PHP, but I'll settle for whatever.

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On the Lazy API page, it suggests using blockexplorer.com to check for confirmations.


#4 under Solution for Receiving Bitcoins:

Check blockexplorer to see if they sent the right amount (i.e. http://blockexplorer.com/q/getreceivedbyaddress/19hMEAaRMbEhfSkeU4GT8mgSuyR4t4M6TH/1) - the /1 is the number of confirmations you require

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