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I am using Flex's Alchemy library to generate SWC's out of C files. I have a byte array (unsigned char buffer[size]) in the c-layer that I'd like to return to the ActionScript layer as a ByteArray. Do I have to iterate through the array and explicitly call AS3_Set on each element or is there a way to just return the entire C array at once?

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This can be accomplished by using the AS3_ByteArray_writeBytes function of the Alchemy API.

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In C, when returning from the function called by Flash, return the pointer to the C-array, like this:

int * myArray = malloc(100);
//populate array...
return AS3_Array("IntType", (int)myArray);

Then, in Flash:

import cmodule.<c module name>.MemUser;
memory = new MemUser();
for (var i:int = 0; i<4;i++) { //getting a 4 uints array
    trace(memory._mru16(data[0] + i*4)); //data is the return value from C

Or use these functions to read the ints/floats/char from the c-array (you can't just use ByteArray.readInt(), the numbers in c are represented differently)

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Why not just return an AS3_Int( (int)myArray ) in the C code? –  aaaidan Mar 10 '11 at 23:03

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