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I am trying to write a simple application using JSP's, Jquery, and AJAX to get and display data on a page.

Here is my ajax function:

                success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR){

That ajax call works properly as long as the dataType is set to "text". Unfortunately I need it to work when it is set to json. Here is the code for the JSP called by the ajax function


            String date = request.getParameter("date");
            System.out.println("Date: "+date);  
        if (date != null) {
                DBAccess acc = new DBAccess();
                ArrayList<InterfaceLoadStatus> loadStatus = acc

What that JSP does is take the results of a query to an oracle database and convert it to JSON format like so:

{"success":true,"interfaceloadstatus":[{"bType":"COC","start":"2013-04-22 03:30:10.0","end":"2013-04-22 04:35:38.0","exe":"01:05:28","handOff":"Y"},{"bType":"DST","start":"2013-04-22 00:10:09.0","end":"2013-04-22 00:23:17.0","exe":"00:13:08","handOff":"Y"},{"bType":"HTL","start":"2013-04-22 00:10:10.0","end":"2013-04-22 01:17:14.0","exe":"01:07:04","handOff":"Y"},{"bType":"RC","start":"2013-04-22 00:10:11.0","end":"2013-04-22 00:45:17.0","exe":"00:35:06","handOff":"Y"},{"bType":"AIR","start":"2013-04-22 03:00:16.0","end":"2013-04-22 04:03:58.0","exe":"01:04:42","handOff":"Y"},{"bType":"VP","start":"2013-04-22 03:00:16.0","end":"2013-04-22 04:03:58.0","exe":"01:04:42","handOff":"Y"},{"bType":"AIR-IAR","start":"2013-04-22 09:45:06.0","end":"2013-04-22 10:24:51.0","exe":"00:40:45","handOff":"Y"}]}

Ok so now the JSON output is fixed but still the JQuery ajax function does not recognize it

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Your output is not a valid JSON. use jsonlint.com to validate your JSON –  Kishore May 2 '13 at 19:28
Yes, that isn't valid JSON. Each of those lines is a valid JSON object, but not the output collectively. –  Blender May 2 '13 at 19:29

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Each line is valid JSON, according to www.jsonlint.com. On the other hand is not the entire output valid json so if you are not feeding it line by line it might be the reason.

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Ok that helps. So does that mean I have to make a seperate ajax call for each line? –  Kyle Bauer May 2 '13 at 19:34
That could help. Or is there any othe way you could format the Jsom like. Consider this, which is valid Json: { "item1": { "bType": "COC", "start": "2013-04-22 03:30:10.0", "end": "2013-04-22 04:35:38.0", "exe": "01:05:28", "handOff": "Y" }, "item2": { "bType": "DST", "start": "2013-04-22 00:10:09.0", "end": "2013-04-22 00:23:17.0", "exe": "00:13:08", "handOff": "Y" } } –  Einar May 2 '13 at 19:42
Yeah I think I could try and modify what I have to come out like that! Thank you so much –  Kyle Bauer May 2 '13 at 19:50

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