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I have created two REST services with Talend Open Studio for ESB V5.2, the first one gets a XML file (POST) and returns the same file as a response, the second one inserts this file into a database. I want to create a route to connect these two REST services but I don't know how. Usualy we use the component cCXF for web services SOAP, what about REST?

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Not really cCXF, but Talend Open Studio for ESB does have REST support. See this tutorial: How to create a REST service.


In this tutorial, you will see how to build your first simple REST data service in both Talend Open Studio for ESB and Talend Enterprise ESB Studio by using Talend ESB REST components and the new tXMLMap component.

There are REST components in the palette:

In the Palette to the right:

To add the REST service components, search "REST" in the Find component... field and press Enter. The tRESTRequest and tRESTResponse components needed to create the service provider are displayed under the ESB > REST folder.

REST components in the Palette

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Thank you acdcjunior for your anwser. I have already created two REST services using the tRESTRequest and tRESTResponse components, my question is how to create a mediation route to send a message from the first REST service to the second one. cCXF is used to create routes for SOAP services, it requires wsdlURL in its configuration but what about REST ? –  maha x May 5 '13 at 23:15

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