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Dart Editor runs build.dart from the root of the project. However, I have a build.dart file in a subdirectory. The default behavior of Dart Editor breaks this build.dart file, because the paths in the file are relative to build.dart.

My project looks like this:


I have opened apps in my Editor. I am trying to run apps/app1/build.dart from within apps/app1 but Editor is running from apps.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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In WebStorm you can setup a watcher, and let it run a script. I think it would solve that issue but I haven't played much time with it. –  Kai Sellgren May 2 '13 at 23:22

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Yay, this bug has been fixed. Dart Editor will now run build.dart from its directory.

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Hrm... I wonder what project you might be working on that has a lot of build.dart files within...

Short answer: no.

As of posting, this is an open bug. Please star it!

See also this discussion.

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