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I've created a report using the Pentaho Report Designer and saved the .prpt file. I've included the file in a Java EE application and am using the Pentaho API's to display the report in different formats i.e. HTML, PDF, Excel, etc.

Is there a way I can generate the report once and then serve it up in different formats i.e. have the SQL run only once. Having it set up this way would be a huge performance improvement.

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A work-around i can think of is to store the result data in the temp table. –  interskh May 2 '13 at 23:05

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Take a look at report caching. A new feature since platform version 4.5 - user reports can be cached, but it is only on a per user per session basis. So if you're not maintaining a session the data wont be cached?

It may be you need to tweak the cache configuration.


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