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How to inherit from the windows explorer (Desktop, thing with help of which we explore our Mu computer and so on directory’s) (in any programming language)?

  • customize it

  • add program fetchers ( adding to Windows Explorer Mac teachers or sorting algorithms or adding buttons or anything )

What do I need:

  2. Open Source libs and Open Source Examples
  3. Docs (for ex MSDN or something like this)

PS: It should work on\with Windows Vista, 7

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What do you mean by fetchers? What do you want to customize? –  Daniel A. White Oct 28 '09 at 1:30
I think he means "features." –  itowlson Oct 28 '09 at 1:31

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What you are describing is a wide range of things that would be implemented in a bunch of different ways. The general rubric for this whole family of stuff is "shell extensions" and the Windows Shell documentation in the SDK is a reasonable starting point (not great, but reasonable). It includes a number of samples. The terminology you find in the MSDN docs should also prove a good starting point for searching for more specific examples e.g. on CodeProject or for asking more specific questions on Stack Overflow.

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