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here is my question.

I have two tables, table A named = Authors, and table B named = Books.

In table A, i have a primary key called = au_id which, this table only holds the authors first and lastname and country.

Table B, has columns for book_id, published_date, genres, and an au_id (which I put the same number from table A's au_id.


Authors table

[au_id (Primary Key)],[au_fname],[au_lname],[City],[Country]
1, Robert, Jordan, Carolina, USA

Books table

[book_id(Primary Key)],[book_title],[genres],[publisher],[release_date],[au_id]
1, The Eye of the Storm, Fantasy, Tor Books, January 2004, 1

How can I create a query that can grab all the books by a certain author?

I tried to google this question, but cannot seem to figure it out.

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Do a search for INNER JOIN and WHERE clause. –  zimdanen May 2 '13 at 20:41
While it would not make a difference in this particular case, whenever you ask a SQL question you should include what RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, ...) you are using. –  Dour High Arch May 2 '13 at 20:44

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You will need to join the tables on the au_id column:

select a.au_fname,
from books b
inner join authors a
  on b.au_id = a.au_id
where a.au_lname = 'lastname'
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Here's one more way of writing SQL query for the your problem.

select a.au_fname,
from books b,authors a
where b.au_id = a.au_id and a.au_lname = 'lastname'

For more details on SQL joins you can refer joins here.

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